18 November 2010

Step by Step: Christmas Canvases

This week at house church, we painted canvases. Most people painted Christmas ones - because Christmas is just around the corner! Here are the steps to painting a cute Christmas canvas for your home or to give as a gift.

Choose your paints. These are two of my favorite colors for Christmas - Tomato Red (it's not too pinky-red, it's just right) and Hauser Light Green (it's the perfect "country vintage green") by Americana. I also used Warm White by Americana for the words on my canvases.

Paint the canvas with a medium-sized brush. It doesn't have to look perfect.
It took me three coats of the red and two coats of the green to achieve a nice solid color.

Quick tip: You can use a hairdryer to speed up drying time between coats.

1. Choose your font and print it out at the size you want it on your canvas.
The canvas I used measures 8x10.

2. Turn your paper over, so the font is facing down.
You should be able to see the words through the paper.

3. Using a pencil, scribble over the letters (on the backside of the paper).

4. When you have scribbled over all the letters, flip the paper back over.
Position on canvas in the place you want to transfer the words.
Carefully trace over the letters, try not to rub your rand across the paper too much.

This will transfer the letters to the canvas so that you can use them as a guide to paint.

Paint the letters with a small brush. I forgot to take pictures during this stage...sorry.
I painted two coats of white for the letters and I think they really pop!

Here are the finished canvases!
Add a bow with hot glue & paint some decorative touches freehand to finish it off!

I painted "Noel" for Will's mom and the Luke 2 one for my mom. I delivered them yesterday, so they can hang them up when they start decorating. On a side note...my office and guest room have been transformed into the North Pole. I am going to "deck the halls" this weekend. A little early, but I have Christmas festivities kicking off immediately after Thanksgiving and I want to make sure my house is ready!

Other side note...I cut my finger with an x-acto knife last night. If you know me and my x-acto history, you'll remember the two separate times I had stitches in my left index finger and countless other cuts that didn't warrant stitches . This was not nearly bad enough to call for a trip to the hospital. Just bad enough to cause me to lose sleep and make me a little nauseous remembering those horrific occasions in the ER. Pray that I make it through life with that index finger in tact.

Here's to it being Thursday. The most anxious day of the week. Anxious because I know tomorrow is FRIDAY!

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